Friday, October 3, 2014

AVNOC® New Dashboard For End to End Monitoring Solutions

AVNOC® introduces new dashboard software to meet the developing needs of today's system integrators ever expanding support services departments.
  • Icon View of Every Monitored Customer mobile_software_image
  • Activities Report as Icon Color Changes
  • More Information Tab Expands Details
  • Ticket Management Built-in to Customer Icons
  • Simple Navigation to All Activities and Tickets
  • Browser Supported Scales to a Desired Layout 
  • Real-Time Service Activity Display for Operations
The new AVNOC® dashboard presents every customer's monitoring status as an icon in one of three colors red, yellow, and green. Failures in a customers AV network plus all ticket activities are automatically populated to the dashboard. Alert notifications show up on the dashboard giving service operations staff the ability to view the alert, drill down for more details and assign a support ticket to the proper service personnel.

The AVNOC® Dashboard and the AVNOC® Service Console our field service mobile application are included with the AVNOC® VM installation. All of the AVNOC® products are easily set-up and controlled through our core platform the AVNOC® Portal software. The portal software is scalable enterprise software that handles everything needed to deploy remote AV/IT monitoring and manage customers for true proactive support services.
The AVNOC® hardware and software compliment uses a data management flow that provides seamless reporting for delivering up-to-date trouble ticket information to coordinators, field service technicians and to the dashboard. The end-to-end products from AVNOC® are helping to enhance integrators services with an easy to use commonsense solution.
Schedule a demo with AVNOC® today to see how simple it is to have true remote monitoring and proactive customer services for a solid recurring revenue model.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014



AVNOC® releases a brand new mobile web interface that's bringing real-time data and automated notifications to smart devices. It's simple to use on any platform that supports the latest browsers. The new web console provides an instant overview of current status and demographics for a customer’s audiovisual systems. The AVNOC® mobile desktop displays system metrics, packet loss and jitter reports for video teleconference endpoints giving instant updates.


The new AVNOC® web interface provides a broad view of total service progress and ticket activity to service desk managers and field technicians. The interface delivers critical information from a customer’s network in real-time as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution. Through automated ticketing a direct feed of information gives more flexibility to prepare for the inevitable failure so support teams can proactively take corrective action.

mobile_software_image1The AVNOC® mobile interface combines remote monitoring with a managed services approach. Using the data directly from a customer’s network, AVNOC® can display long-term analytics for graphing that shows equipment location, usage, up/down status, tickets open/closed and overall availability, making it easier to track resources. AVNOC® mobile desktop continually serves-up metrics from video teleconference systems and delivers the data straight to any mobile device.

The new AVNOC® mobile desktop is now available with the AVNOC® Cloud or VM installation. AVNOC® is the perfect solution for businesses who want an easy compliant AV/IT monitoring solution that improves customer support and service offerings.



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

AVNOC® Partners With AVI-SPL


AVNOC®, an AV/IT industry manufacturer with offices in Williamsburg, VA and Reno, NV, has partnered with leading global systems integrator and video communications provider AVI-SPL to deliver audiovisual and video conference monitoring for their customers. AVNOC® reports on AV/IT network availability plus detailed system metrics through (HIPAA compliant) SNMP monitoring keeping help desks, service centers and customers in-touch with networked audiovisual. Creating a secure solution that can help customers stay informed of systems is the focus of AVNOC®. Through secure software and remote appliances, AVNOC® monitors a customer’s entire audiovisual network providing detailed video-call metrics and the status of AV control making sure everything is online and ready-to-serve.

AVNOC® remote monitoring solutions continually deliver efficient services and diagnostic accuracy for commercial AV/IT systems. AVNOC® software is monitoring coupled with life-cycle and service management features. It's complete with a mobile web interface and a customer resource database that contains service analytics and graphing, asset management, automated ticketing and SNMP monitoring.

Working with the professional team at AVI-SPL is a pleasure,” says AVNOC® Managing Partner, Scott Allard. “Providing our remote monitoring systems and software products for AVI-SPL is a great opportunity for our company.”

Mr. Allard goes on to say, “Developing the products that provide superior customer service is our main focus since the roll-out of AVNOC® in 2010. It's very exciting for AVNOC® to be a part of the positive direction that the AV industry is going in.”

AVI-SPL, with offices in the U.S. and International, designs, builds and supports AV systems for telecommunications, video conferencing and telepresence solutions. AVI-SPL partners with software developers and manufacturers like AVNOC® to enhance service offerings for the highest level in quality customer care.

For further information on AVNOC®and their remote monitoring solutions, please visit

For further information on AVI-SPL and their solutions, products and services, please visit

Written by:  Corey Moss 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AVNOC® – Stay On Top of AV Services

The AV market changing in to an IT rich environment is making its impact on today’s commercial integration. In order to stay on top of your game making sure you have all of the technical bases covered for system management is mission critical.

AVNOC® gives customers an advantage with new automated monitoring features enhancing the information flow from business systems that are used everyday. AVNOC® remote monitoring ensures all AV related systems are available when they’re needed and delivers a continuing data stream when video conferencing systems are in use.

Featured System Updates
  • Detailed Live Video Call Metrics
  • Automated MIB / OID Processing
  • Automated Notification and Ticketing
  • Updated Customer SLA Features
  • Custom Software Integration and API
  • Enhanced Remote Cloud Software
  • Mobile Device Service Ticket Application

AVNOC® diverse software technology reports status and system metrics for thousands of manufacturers networked AV equipment. AVNOC® is the clear solution for better AV services in corporate business, universities, K-12, manufacturing, government and other important industries.

When considering remote AV monitoring as a proactive solution for video conferencing and AV services remember AVNOC® as the premier choice.

For more information about AVNOC and our simple to use products go to

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AVNOC Remote AV Monitoring - Harnesses The Power of Your Business

AVNOC® continues the advancement in remote AV Monitoring technology by adding more customers into the AVNOC® Cloud.
Recently AVNOC® has increased its data center capacity for providing cloud services to satisfy the growth in remote AV monitoring. Our new high volume data center simplifies remote AV monitoring for our customers while leaving the IT woes behind.
As a result of an intense study of our customer demographics, it has been determined that most potential customers, do not have the in-house IT experience or staff to implement a Cloud Infrastructure in their own network. 

® Always Makes It Better
AVNOC® is now provisioning a VM (Virtual Machine) in our Cloud Network that is “specific to the customer”. In other words, our customers now have a choice to deploy a private VM in our cloud along with all the querying and alert handling features our customers have come to expect. It’s an AVNOC® Cloud supported AV monitoring system that operates like it’s in-house!
Here is the way it works:
  • AVNOC® provisions a VM specifically for the customer. This is a separate VM in our data center for each customer.
  • AVNOC® provisions and delivers remote AV monitoring appliances ready to plug-n-play in a customers network.
  • AVNOC® creates a queue for notice management with our mail server to handle customers notifications.
  • AVNOC® updates from the cloud for making changes remotely. In other words a customer can add or remove a piece of gear and update the monitoring instance remotely.
AVNOC® eliminates the need for customers to implement the complexity of a cloud server in their network making it very easy to start proactive monitoring right away. The remote updating feature from our cloud is a jewel that makes AVNOC® simply awesome!
AVNOC® is always moving forward and perusing the proper methods and advancements for AV monitoring. We make it easy for remote AV monitoring and continued growth on a global scale.  AVNOC® systems deliver the quality and foresight that bring customers into a proactive remote monitoring solution with precision and speed.
Go to AVNOC.COM for more information.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

AVNOC® ***PROBLEM Host Alert:Your Business Needs Remote AV Monitoring***

***PROBLEM Host Alert:...

Those three words are poised to make the difference between successful AV integrators and a struggling integrator. ***PROBLEM Host Alert... It's the subject line in an email notification from a customers failing piece of gear. The alert identifies the customer location, the device, the time, and if it's still down. Most AV integrators have never seen an email like this before. That means that most AV integrators are missing out on a huge recurring revenue opportunity, commercial and residential.

Start offering remote monitoring and proactive service now!

If you want to learn how to provide proactive service your business needs to start offering it right away! It's that easy. AVNOC® can help guide your business to a proactive service model that generates more revenue each year. Monitoring is easy and AVNOC® has the exact tools AV integrators need to start a powerful service department instantly. AVNOC® supports AV integrators providing a 24 hour remote support staff, knowledge, plus the in-house software and hardware products to start offering secure remote AV monitoring and proactive service today!
Come see AVNOC® at InfoComm2013 - Booth 2592 - June 12-14 2013 Orlando, FL and learn how easy it is to become an AVNOC® proactive service dealer in your region

avnoc_avnoc_avnoc_avnoc_infocomm 1

Sunday, August 26, 2012

AVNOC® NEW 2.0 SOFTWARE RELEASE – Projector Lamp Hours Reports

NEW 2.0 SOFTWARE RELEASE – Projector Lamp Hours Reports
AVNOC® remains focused on developing the exact products that meet the needs for AV/IT Helpdesk and NOC development systems. Answering the call from the industry and end users, AVNOC® adds new features to the interface and asset management portions of our software.
Our newest feature enhancements help make managing Host Groups and assigning Notifications Groups easier through a single page selection. In addition AVNOC® has added Projectors and Display lamp life messages to the software for receiving reports of current lamp life, lamp replacement warnings, and bulb failure alerts. Our 2.0 software provides look-up and email notifications of current hours and failed lamp conditions.
AVNOC® continues to move in the directions needed to provide more effective management systems for the industry and our clients. AVNOC® does not require servers to deploy our products making it simple to have full scale network management systems. Now with improved features for group assignments and lamp hour reports AVNOC® continues to provide effective technology at the lowest cost of ownership.
For more information about AVNOC® products and our newest AVNOC® 2.0 software go to

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